The Al.6 was designed from the ground up with our first focus on acoustics.  Six Months, four full revisions, 972 cups of coffee, and roughly 27 prototypes later we believe our goal of manufacturing a 60% gummy mount keyboard with zero compromise has been reached. This Keyboard is an aluminum one piece construction that features an oversized brass, slotted, through weight to balance out the internal audio as well as a hammered exterior finish for a truly one of a kind look.  Lastly we topped it all off with a brass toblerone weight because who doesn't need more brass for dat ass.  



Board finish

Anodized:  Boards are deburred and glass bead blasted before being prepped for anodization.  We have partnered with an amazing US-based anodizing shop.

Rear Weights

Blasted & Brushed:  Our brass weights come off the CNC machine and get bead blasted to a uniform finish.  They are then hand brushed with a high micron film to give the brass it's unique highlights. Three coats of clear are applied at the end to help ensure they stay looking beautiful.
Blackened & Brushed:  Same process done as our "blasted & brushed" finish but we go a little more coarse on the blast media to allow for the blackening patina to fully activate.  They are then hand brushed to highlight the details of the weight.  No two blackened & brushed weights will look the same.